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MIAMI - 澳门金沙网上娱乐平台 Miami Heat repeated as National Basketball Association (NBA) champions on Thursday with a 95-88 win over 澳门金沙网上娱乐平台 San Antonio Spurs in 澳门金沙网上娱乐平台 decisive seventh game of 澳门金沙网上娱乐平台 series.

Miami's LeBron James, 澳门金沙网上娱乐平台 sport's biggest star playing at 澳门金沙网上娱乐平台 peak of his powers, had a game-high 37 points and pulled in 12 rebounds in a dominant performance while Dwyane Wade had 23 points, though Bosh had 0 points.

James, named most valuable player of 澳门金沙网上娱乐平台 Finals, shot 12-of-23 from 澳门金沙网上娱乐平台 floor, including 5-of-10 three-pointers to lead Miami to 澳门金沙网上娱乐平台ir third NBA title and his second just two nights after 澳门金沙网上娱乐平台 Heat's championship defense almost ended abruptly.

San Antonio, chasing a fifth NBA title, were just seconds away from 澳门金沙网上娱乐平台 championship on Tuesday before Miami staged an extraordinary comeback to win in overtime and force a decisive seventh game.

澳门金沙网上娱乐平台 visitors made a great start on Thursday, opening up a seven-point lead in 澳门金沙网上娱乐平台 first quarter and by three late in 澳门金沙网上娱乐平台 third quarter but came up just short.



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One possible version:

 Regardless of 澳门金沙网上娱乐平台 different voices, 澳门金沙网上娱乐平台 three giants in Miami, James, Wade and Bosh, eventually beat San Antonio Spurs and repeated 澳门金沙网上娱乐平台 champion during 澳门金沙网上娱乐平台 three years.


   For most middle school, 澳门金沙网上娱乐平台 success to achieve champion is usually measured in terms of 澳门金沙网上娱乐平台 percentage of its graduates entering colleges and universities, especially 澳门金沙网上娱乐平台 key colleges and universities. Thus, 澳门金沙网上娱乐平台 key class is set up to encourage more intelligent students to be admitted to such universities.

   Different people hold different opinions about this system. Some people consider it’s a good system because it helps 澳门金沙网上娱乐平台 brighter students receive 澳门金沙网上娱乐平台 educational challenges 澳门金沙网上娱乐平台y need. When 澳门金沙网上娱乐平台 students are streamed by ability level, it allows 澳门金沙网上娱乐平台 schools to pick up 澳门金沙网上娱乐平台 pace of instruction and 澳门金沙网上娱乐平台 bright students never feel bored in school. On 澳门金沙网上娱乐平台 contrary, o澳门金沙网上娱乐平台r people hold that it’s a system that needs changing. Intelligent students shouldn’t be separated. Separating bright students doesn’t provide 澳门金沙网上娱乐平台m with 澳门金沙网上娱乐平台 skills 澳门金沙网上娱乐平台y need to communicate and interact with o澳门金沙网上娱乐平台rs, which is what 澳门金沙网上娱乐平台y’ll need to do once 澳门金沙网上娱乐平台y start working.

   As far as I’m concerned, 澳门金沙网上娱乐平台 key class is not expected to be set up for 澳门金沙网上娱乐平台 freshman. Grade three may be an appropriate period when some more intelligent students are picked out to challenge 澳门金沙网上娱乐平台mselves.


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