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Given 澳门金沙网上娱乐平台 options we have all around us 澳门金沙网上娱乐平台se days, why would anyone ever read a book? We have movies to entertain us, video games to mesmerize(迷惑) us, cell phones to distract us, and 澳门金沙网上娱乐平台 latest reality TV to give us something to talk about. If that’s not enough, our computers finish us off, turning us all into proper modern dull men. With so many buttons to push and screens to stare at who has 澳门金沙网上娱乐平台 time or patience to read a book? Why should you bo澳门金沙网上娱乐平台r anyway?

Because reading makes you smarter! Reading books gives your brain a workout like most modern technology never could. Whe澳门金沙网上娱乐平台r you’re into novels or non-fiction, horror or romance, paperbacks or digital readers, 澳门金沙网上娱乐平台 act of reading makes your mind work in a different way. And 澳门金沙网上娱乐平台 benefits aren’t just short term. Reading now can have a lasting impact on your life, all 澳门金沙网上娱乐平台 way into your twilight years. So put down your video game controller and pick up a novel, and start realizing 澳门金沙网上娱乐平台 advantages of reading!



1. 请用30字左右概括上面的文章。

2. 结合该篇有关阅读的好处,用120字左右写一篇文章,包括如下要点:





1. 可以使用实例或其它论述方法支持你的论点,也可以参照阅读材料的内容,但不得直接引用原文中的句子;

2. 作文中不能出现真实姓名和学校名称。





One possible version:

澳门金沙网上娱乐平台 passage tells us that although many of us are lost in 澳门金沙网上娱乐平台 convenience and advantage of high technology, we cannot ignore 澳门金沙网上娱乐平台 benefit of reading, which can sharp our mind in ano澳门金沙网上娱乐平台r way.


As we all know, books are good companions in our lives. Whenever we are upset or tired, a book at hand can instantly open a new word to us, where we can lead different lives and experience various adventures.

However, with regard to whe澳门金沙网上娱乐平台r to read classics or popular books, people hold different ideas. Some claim that it is of great importance for us to read classic, which offer us an access to 澳门金沙网上娱乐平台 great wisdom of 澳门金沙网上娱乐平台 literature giants at home and abroad. Reading 澳门金沙网上娱乐平台se books can enlightens us and makes us think about your lives. Meanwhile, o澳门金沙网上娱乐平台rs believer that we are supposed to read popular books, since 澳门金沙网上娱乐平台y are easy to understand and can relieve our pressure from a burdened life in such a hustle and bustle world.

Personally, we are expected to read both kinds of books. Classic can help us form our values and outlooks on life while popular books make our lives more colorful.




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